Barbarella: Intégrale numérique

The adventures of the alluring Barbarella, a landlady in exile who explores the most distant planets in the galaxy. 1 PUBLISHED VOLUME - INDEPENDENT STORIES. The mythical work of the 60s finally reissued! Created in 1964, Barbarella upset the world of comics and scandalized from its publication. The spearhead of adult and genre comics, the work is censored. In this time of sexual liberation, the sensual features and eroticism exuded by the eponymous heroine will indeed leave no reader indifferent. The image of women in comics, until then mostly confined to the roles of asexual extras, explodes with Barbarella, which opens the way to an adult and liberated comic book. Quickly became a reference, the work had not been found for many years.


Escrito por

Jean-Claude Forest

Arte por

Jean-Claude Forest


Action / Adventure, Leading Ladies, Pulp, Science Fiction

Acerca del libro

151 Pages

Número de páginas

March 25 2021

Fecha de publicación

17+ Only


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Barbarella: Intégrale numérique
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Barbarella: Intégrale numérique

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