Batman: Earth One Vol. 2

The Dark Knight Must Answer the Greatest Riddle of All: Who is Batman? Change is coming to Gotham City. Between the death of Mayor Oswald Copplepot and the emergence of "the Batman," a new dawn has begun to shed its light onto the notoriously dark and corrupt city. But even as new Mayor Jessica Dent and her twin brother District Attorney Harvey Dent join in the Dark Knight and Detective Jim Gordon's crusade against Gotham's criminal element, a new threat rises-one that enjoys playing a simple game of riddles. Answer wrong: you die. Answer correctly, and... The second installment in the #1 New York Times best-selling series BATMAN: EARTH ONE reteams writer Geoff Johns with artist Gary Frank and introduces readers to a bevy of Batman's most infamous foes-but with unexpected twists and turns that build an all-new, incredible mythology for one of the fictional world's most popular characters.


Escrito por

Geoff Johns

Arte por

Gary Frank



Acerca del libro

158 Pages

Número de páginas

May 12 2015

Fecha de publicación

12+ Only


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Batman: Earth One Vol. 2
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Batman: Earth One Vol. 2

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