Hua Mulan: Legendary Woman Warrior

This book tells of the inspirational story of Hua MuIan, the legendary Chinese female warrior who pledges to fight for her family and country in the most unusual way: by disguising herself as a man - a filial "son" who takes the place of her aged and sick father at the battlefront. Quick-witted and well-skilled in martial arts, Hua MuIan fights valiantly and scores many victories throughout her many years in the army, never once having her real identity revealed. It is only until after the war, however, that our heroine reveals the truth. Stunned by the revelation and greatly moved by her story, Mulan's comrades express their utmost respect and admiration for her great courage and skills, not least her loyalty and devotion to family and country. The story of Hua Mulan has inspired countless generations through the centuries. With stirring and unforgettable scenes brought vividly to life by creators Xu Deyuan and Jiang Wei, this comic book captures the legendary Chinese heroine at her most brilliant, ensuring that the legend of Mulan, that most enduring symbol of loyalty and filial piety, continues to live on.


Escrito por

Wei Jiang/Deyuan Xu

Arte por


Leading Ladies

Acerca del libro

128 Pages

Número de páginas

August 14 2018

Fecha de publicación

9+ Only


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Hua Mulan: Legendary Woman Warrior
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Hua Mulan: Legendary Woman Warrior

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