Teen Titans Academy (2021-) #1

Welcome to Teen Titans Academy! Packed with both new, super-powered teens and numerous dark secrets, Teen Titans Academy’s student body includes Shazam; a new Australian speedster; a trio of Goth(am) teen expatriates obsessed with Batman-and one member of this first class will become the deadly Red X. Original New Teen Titans including Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy take on the role of teachers and mentors for superpowered teens. Their goal: to shape the next generation of heroes.


Escrito por

Tim Sheridan

Arte por

Rafa Sandoval



Acerca del libro

23 Pages

Número de páginas

March 23 2021

Fecha de publicación

12+ Only


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Teen Titans Academy (2021-) #1
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  • Title - $ 1.00

Teen Titans Academy (2021-) #1

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