The Art of Cuphead

Get transported back to the golden age of 1930s animation with an art book celebrating the acclaimed run & gun platformer Cuphead! Each page of this curated collection of artwork is designed to capture the vintage look and feel of the Thirties. Take a gander at the game's traditional hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation. Peek at the early concepts, production work, and early ideas that went into the making of Cuphead's characters, bosses, stages, and more! And relive the most cherished and challenging moments of Cuphead and Mugman's adventure to reclaim their souls from the Devil! Guided by personal insights from game directors Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, take a trip through the Inkwell Isles and discover a new appreciation for Cuphead's animation style and challenging retro gameplay.


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Studio MDHR

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Studio MDHR


Action / Adventure, Video Games,

Acerca del libro

237 Pages

Número de páginas

March 17 2020

Fecha de publicación

15+ Only


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The Art of Cuphead
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The Art of Cuphead

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